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Light Bearers

Uplifting, Feminine Art Work

Joyful Candle Holder

Decorative Spiritual Dance

These graceful functional pieces of art stand in a gesture of offering that is universal. They hold whatever is sacred to you: a candle, a beautiful stone, or perhaps a flower.(Comes with a candle)

Description: Figures average 11" tall?
Colors 1) White 2) Purple 3) Blue
See above pictures
Type (s): As you face the figures: A) Leaning Right B) Reaching up C) Leaning left
Price: $45.00 each or $125.00 for a set of 3 (*Special Sale Price*)

* Comes with a description card

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White Light Bearer Figure A
White Light Bearer Figure B
White Light Bearer Figure C
Purple Light Bearer Figure A
Purple Light Bearer Figure B
Purple Light Bearer Figure C
Blue Light Bearer Figure A
Blue Light Bearer Figure B
Blue Light Bearer Figure C
Set of 3 White
Set of 3 Purple
Set of 3 Blue