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Kuan Yin

Inspirational Compassionate Protector

The more familiar feminine Kuan-Yin goddess is known for her protection and compassion. Together the male and female Kuan-Yins complete the circle of creation. The male principle activates the Dharma wheel and sends the energy into the earth where the female principle nurtures it to bloom into a beautiful lotus flower.

Description: Figure is 16" tall  and  4 1/2" wide at the base
Colors: 1) White 2) with colored lotus (female) or Dharma Wheel (male) 
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Type (s): A) Male B) Female
Price: $89.00 each or $165.00 for a set of 2

* Comes with a description card 

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White Kuan Yin Female
White Kuan Yin Male
Colored Flower Kuan Yin Female
Colored Wheel Kuan Yin Male
White Kuan Yin Set
Color Kuan Yin Set (as seen in photo)